Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Death Knell

Amidst a series of pending official work left, my roommate and colleague whisked me off for a visit to the parlour. A meeting that had been long pending. At 3 in the afternoon, in the hot sun, we walked. Ugh...imagine my frustration.

Anyway, while she was inside getting special services, I waited in the lobby, watching other customers get their share of 'feminine' treatment. A mother-daughter duo walked in. They were locals and were not of the upper class strata. The beaming woman sat next to me, while her giggling girl stood against the recently-done wall cabinets. She was ebony-toned, dressed in garish green salwar-kameez. (I do not discriminate on the basis of colour, just merely describing the scene.) Another client had been in line, but the owner attended the girl first. “Shaam ko ladke vaale dekhne aa rahe hain,” her mother said. Are you serious! It had been near 15 minutes and no one had even heard her speak! Jeez! Politely, the customer who was due stepped aside and the entire conversation changed to marriage.

After a few questions and quick replies, I realised that she was just 16! And already she had people coming over to see her. What is it with the world? I obviously looked the other way, careful that no one see my shocked expressions. (I have often received criticism for my expressions. My mother says some make me look very snooty. Whatever, I'm actually a different person inside. Very genuine :))

But that was not the end of the topic for me for that day. When I reached office, and settled into my little corner, my boss read out a status of a former professor and dean of my college. Summarised, he spoke of how it seemed he wasted hours teaching a student, who worked briefly in a media organisation, but now has been taking care of her husband and child. Point noted, so the only conclusion I draw, is that, does marriage ruin everything? Also, when one does enter into matrimony and build a family, then there are two possibilities that come up. Either she works hard at her job, then people allege that she neglects her family or she is made to choose one over the other. Why?

When people cannot handle the drama in their lives, they should just delete the number of characters.

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