Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Prayer Wheels of McLeodganj

Taken in McLeodganj, these prayer wheels caught my attention. A temple of peace, the Buddhist prayer songs that belted out from the Tibetan shops added to the charm of this tourist spot. Two long sinewy roads were crowded with locals, the slim-eyed and tourists. The shops carried wares of both familiar and strange disposition.
The Tibetan script as can be seen on the wheels resemble the Bengali script in many ways. Quite a revelation.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stumps of glory....

Gully cricket, a sport that every Indian must have participated some time or witnessed atleast. I came across these stumps in Moti Daman, where my NGO had taken me to see the proceedings of a Self Help Group. I took these in the free time.
Taken during a market survey for a PR company in the villages near Lavale, Pune.

Hampering the skyline

This was the view outside my window in the hostel. Taken nearly six months earlier, the construction is now higher than our building. Two years ago this was all barren land and one could see the Lohegon airport road lit up like a christmas tree in the night. Its now a thing of the past and a pity that it should.

The humble earthenware

The above is an over exposed picture of two pots and there is something about them that gets me gazing incessantly at them.

A better version of the picture above, the exposure corrected this time.

Pelle the Conquerer

This picture was taken during my NGO internship in Daman. Generally I am not fond of kids, but the picture of this guy with keys in his mouth reminded me of my childhood. As kids we were so adventerous and thought that we could take over the world. Superheros and super villians have enthralled us to no end. This is what counts. Travelling over sofas as if they were the highest mountain ranges, carrying guns and fighting with each other as if representing two countries....those were the days of make - believe and fantasy. I guess that is why I dislike kids, because they can still have their innocent fun, while we slog away still trying to make a sense of the world and of ourselves.