Saturday, January 26, 2013

Split DNA - 1

A rickshaw puller sits languidly in College Street area, basking in the sun.

I have never really thought of myself native to a particular place. Despite having been born and brought up in Calcutta, the 'Bengali' in me is still very elusive. And yet, after 5 years when I found myself back in the city that I used to detest, the negative emotions pipped up a little. Why were they even there in the first place. I do not know. And yet as I went about the lanes and bylanes of this culturally rich city, I wished to go back...away from its dreary hustle and bustle. After 17 years in Calcutta, I shifted to New Delhi and two more years later, spent a third of a dozen years in Maharashtra's best - Pune. But as much as I imbibed and wished to imbibe from these cities, I still belittled the one that gave birth to me. I hope to visit the city again, on a journey to find what is missing in me.

Friday, January 11, 2013

My Soul Indigo


It’s the lonely path I have chosen

Or it seems some have pushed me down it

I envy your paths, sun-lit rosen

Gardens of wonder, joy and colour.


The dry twigs crackle beneath

As my heavy feet pounds on them

I look to God and seek release

But your happiness leaves me astounded.


Am I the stuff that blue is made off?

Sprinkling sadness on the tips of others

“It’s just your nature, love,” my friends scoff,

“To be darned a depressing, spreading nun.”


I gaze at the rainbow, glistening bright

Hovering over the luscious paths of others

Stretching my fingers at the sight

Hoping to grab some for my life.


Oh, what must it feel like to be bathed

In the colours of the mighty rainbow?

Dressed in orange, red, violet instead

Of my lonely soul indigo?

(Pic sourced from Google)