Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mission 2015

The title of this post is extremely boring and military like. But that is what I don't want this to be. I want this year to be about me. I want to truly invest time in myself. And STOP PROCRASTINATING, if at all it's possible. :P

Firstly, it has to be... LOSE weight. And I plan to lose 5 kgs before my birthday - Feb 14.

Secondly, read the newspaper more thoroughly. I'm sure if I push myself, I can do it. 

Thirdly, write a regular journal - not a digital one - where I want to write character sketches of people around me, at home, work, relatives, people on the road, etc. This is to push me towards establishing characters, their essences, unravelling what makes them tick, etc. Hopefully, this should help me write my own characters in future, and write my dystopian short novel. 

Fourthly, as I am yet to find my one true passion, I will immerse myself in political science, since I want to study in this field further. I flit from topic to topic, hobby to hobby, and rarely obsess about a particular thing. I need to establish my expertise in one thing at least. 

Fifthly, focus on my character. I can be the person I want to be. All it takes is a bit of determination and will power. I think the reason behind my frivolous behaviour is because I may actually be afraid of what I am capable of. I really need to sort my thinking process and be clear regarding what I want. 

So, I hope I can stick out regarding the above. :)