Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Are friendships equivalent to investments?

As a child, I often had many so-called friends walking in and out of my life. They came and went as they pleased. There was no stopping them.

But now, when I am in my twenties, it is getting harder to let go. It's turning tougher for myself. And as relationships turn sour, as they most often will, one looks back at the moments spent together and wonders, is that how it was meant to end?

I have never been good at keeping in touch, and I don't think this aspect of me is going to change any time soon. But recent events have brought this question to mind, or rather is staring at me in the face... Are friendships equivalent to investments?

Even though we may have spent a gala time together, or emotionally bonded on some other level, if today we part, we must not only because we have invested time, energy and effort in each other? We are friends only so that on a rainy day we can chat up and dispel the gloomy shadow of loneliness? We must remain friends only so that tomorrow my secrets are safe, rest assured? We must remain friends because tomorrow if I want to cry my heart out, you will understand (since you know all my secrets and background). But if I need to party rock crazy, there is another group out there? Or we must be friends only to assure each other of our support till retirement and after, but hey, we can't catch that often, cause you're crowding me!

No one sticks around. That is for certain. Yet I must stick around to be your glorified doormat. My needs are never important, its always yours to begin with. 

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  1. Each friendship can be classified. Some are for chatting on rainy days as you said, some are for intellectual discussions, some are for hanging out at pubs and movie halls etc.

    No one sticks around for sure. But nothing... I mean NOTHING... comes above your self respect... If someone doesn't treat you well, dump the relation however much you may crave the person's approval...