Saturday, June 14, 2014

Feeling Raw - Part 3

Thankfully, I was not the first to reach, and more importantly, I showed up minutes before my boss did. I mingled in the crowd, shook hands with the trade partners and exchanged a flurry of greetings with the high-pitched women, but my mind was not at rest. It kept going back to the girl on the bed. Sadly, today’s function was a solemn one. Just a business party.

After the usual round of cocktails, entres and main course, I skipped the dessert for a quick light on the terrace. It was quiet, peaceful, far from the maddening crowd inside. I quickly lit my cigarette, looking through the large frosty doors. Phew! These parties were becoming exhausting. To have thought that at one time I actually envisioned myself with a future like this. But now, life was just too dull. My mind did try to drag me back to the bookshop, but I consciously put my head to other things. I stared out into the city skyline. Despite being fifteen past ten, the city was ‘well awake’. Streaks of yellow and red could be seen, highlighting the roads. The familial turrets of the grand Charminar stood in splendour in the midst of all the frenzied activity of people making way home.

Suddenly, a blast of the mayhem inside seeped through. The frosty doors were ajar for a seconds. A familiar ‘tick-tock’ whipped my head back when I saw a tall woman making her way towards me. Her long dark luscious hair kissed the inner side of her elbows, as the tassels of her dress danced around her toned thighs.
“Care to share one?” she said. With her slender fingers, she eased out the stick from the box, as I offered to light it. The white stump emitting wispy smoke looked at home, nestled between the plump pink cushions.
“Hi,” I said, in a raspy voice. “I don’t think I remember seeing you back in there?”

With the lightning rod perched between her fingers, her hands resting lightly on the terrace wall, she smiled and said, “I’m just another of the sales team from the Delhi branch, doll. But I so obviously don’t belong here.” She took a deep breath, her bosom fighting against the hosiery dress.

“So you’re a part of Mehta’s team.” Lucky bastard. “His company is well-known to be a bit boring, you see. How long will you be here in the city?”

“I’ll be gone Sunday evening. Can’t wait actually. Just two days more. It’s been a week, and I’m already sick of this place. No life.” She stood limp, staring at the monument ahead, her eyes glassy. “I’m sorry, but I just think I’m experiencing a bit of blues.”

“Hey. No pressure. I’m Javed from Calcutta. I’m also an outsider here. But it’s not all that bad you see. The nightlife here is amazing, it’s just that you haven’t been to the right places with the right people. This city can be fun too.”

“Really. Then would either you or me get into trouble if you could show me some of the places around and  ditched this shitty party?” She looked at me with expectation, hoping to rescue her from this bore of a place. I normally did pick up a lot of girls from these parties, but getting them to come with you took time and a whole lot of cajoling. This night could end well.

We slipped out of the Harmandz Hotel, zipping away in my midnight blue Chevrolet. With the windows rolled down, the wind played gleefully with her hair. I headed towards the Ozzie Pub, known for its authentic beer from down under and more. It also had the best DJ in town playing tonight.

Three mugs of beer, two Pink Ladys and an innumerable tequila shots after I found myself at my apartment door. Coat slung on one hand, briefcase dangling from the other, it took me some time to unlock the door. Sofia, which is what she told me after the second round of beer, leaned against the wall, one leg propped up against it. If at all I could think of anything, it was that I had fun tonight. I wanted to be with this girl. She was fun! In every sense of the word. I guess I was tired coming home to an empty apartment. I wanted a steady girlfriend.

We had barely stumbled into the apartment, that my briefcase was flung to one side, my pants nearly stripped down and my shirt ripped off. This girl was better than cat woman! Heady with alcohol, Sofia dragged me to the sofa. No sooner had she straddled me and begun to kiss me feverishly all over, her cell phone rang. Like the pouring rain on picnic day, the ‘heavy metal rock blaring cell phone beckoned her. I lay panting on the sofa, too excited to think. A nod of her head, a quick change of expression and then the inevitable happened. Sofia picked up her purse, straightened her dress and said, “Sorry Javed. My boyfriend is in the city. Gotta go.”

And before I could even say but, she left.

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