Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Orphaned and alone

Ae pran aamar,
Aami bhule jaayi
Boi tule, taake
Bichhnaye choore phele dae.
Kothaye jabo, disha khuje pai na
Tomar chaara, amaar mon laage na.

I live, I breathe,
I spend every moment
Away from you, emotionless
And stoic.
I hate this feeling,
But somehow I love it too
Let things remain like this,
Just like this.

Why do I find
Myself so different
And also so indifferent
Towards you.
I fathom not this moment
Hurt why you did not
Claim me to be
Among one of your's.

To embrace you is
My greatest desire
But the burning pangs
Refuse to kindle a never
Ending devotion towards you.
Only you, my Mother
My Matribhoomi.

Millions stay close
To that beautiful land so green
The cord of life still strong
Pumping love and life within.
But where do I go from here?
Where do I figure in this?
I find myself lost
Wrapped, tossed, tied
Stuck to my ignorance.

Free me, Mother
Let me run into your embrace
Free me from this foreign land.
Allow me to enter your grace.
I too want to see
My mother
The way crores of others do
I too want to to be
A part of her bounty.

Gorom cha, ei cheler baila
Anjan Dutta aar binamulaer aasha.

I pray to find my way to my motherland someday, with enough time to bask in her beauty, to learn to live with her children, thriving in its culture, its atmosphere... finding myself through her.

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