Saturday, January 26, 2013

Split DNA - 1

A rickshaw puller sits languidly in College Street area, basking in the sun.

I have never really thought of myself native to a particular place. Despite having been born and brought up in Calcutta, the 'Bengali' in me is still very elusive. And yet, after 5 years when I found myself back in the city that I used to detest, the negative emotions pipped up a little. Why were they even there in the first place. I do not know. And yet as I went about the lanes and bylanes of this culturally rich city, I wished to go back...away from its dreary hustle and bustle. After 17 years in Calcutta, I shifted to New Delhi and two more years later, spent a third of a dozen years in Maharashtra's best - Pune. But as much as I imbibed and wished to imbibe from these cities, I still belittled the one that gave birth to me. I hope to visit the city again, on a journey to find what is missing in me.

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