Thursday, November 15, 2012

Way of the Cross

I wonder if I can be excommunicated, for voicing my opinion and displeasure about some of the dogmas that still plague the Catholic Church. I don’t think religion can ever progress, if it does, it does not qualify as one. There ‘must be’ something archaic, traditional when it comes to worshiping God…it just needs to be. No questions asked. It seems more of a tyrannical reign than a relationship with someone who frees you in spirit and love.

A close associate once told me, “Religion should a very private affair. One should not even ask someone regarding it. It shouldn’t affect anybody.”

And I think that it is true. Who I pray to should be none of your business.

The death of the 31-year-old Savita Halappanavar has obviously taken the world by a storm of critics. The Catholic Church, will no doubt, face some heat. That too, in a time, when the Pope has called for the Year of Faith to be reinstated across the globe.  I can talk only for myself. I wish that the Church could accept abortion as a practice when medically required. Not after the mother has passed away. In the hope of not committing a murder, the Irish doctors now have their hands stained by Savita’s blood. An eye for an eye? What happened to the mother’s right to live? That was grossly unaccounted for. Why must the world decide on the fate of a woman’s body? It is hers to decide. Why should men pass judgement over things they can never understand or experience.  

In view of the increasing trepidation of protests against the Catholic Church, the Pope (to me) seems to be reigning in the last few desperate attempts to unite the believers in Christ. 
To a Catholic’s eyes, the blood-thirsty noveau vampires of today may seem to very cannibalistic and uncivil. But when after the mass, you see the high and mighty powerful members of the congregation mix around only with a select few, you know there is politics everywhere.   

Here, I mock not the Gods, but question the institution that Man has created. It has now changed past recognition. There are opposing verdicts in the Bible too. But what can I say. I’m too young to understand the ways of the world or pass judgement about anything. However, now I see that this can be an apt project, which will be put up here from time to time. Let me just put it this way…that I seek to know the Bible better.
In view of my opinion, do not mistake me to be an atheist…yet. 

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