Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In loving memory of dada – Rana Martin D’Rozario

I am writing after a mighty long time. My brother, older to me by 11 years, with whom I share the family blood is no more. After suffering from Meningial Tuberculosis for nearly three years and three months, he passed away on the night of August 7, 10 minutes to 11. After months of pain and suffering, all that is left with me, is the hope that he is in a more peaceful and safe place, free from mortal pain. I generally prefer not to dwell on my most intimate emotions on this blog, but this is so much more than just an emotion. I had never fathomed that there could ever be a world without my dear brother to guide me in the right path, chide me when I go wrong and support me always. The shock that followed had numbed me, like anasthesia freezes the senses in the nerves, but now, slowly sensation creeps back in and like a frozen hand thaws, it the hurt inside increases. This post cannot be called a dedication, but in time, I shall be able to give my brother’s memory a tribute that befits him.

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