Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visiting the breathtaking Himachal, yet again!

The hot chocolate at Garden Cafe in the Tibetan colony near Bir, that both comforted as well as disappointed me. The weather was perfect and as we sat all cosied in out jute chairs, our hands curled instinctively around the cup. But, a sip laid bare the disaster and deceit of serving Bournvita in the guise of Hot Chocolate. Nevertheless, with the chill in the air, we sipped the warm beverage dutifully and gratefully.

The mega pasta served in layers. The tomato sauce was very 'rustic' and the herbs used were whole and grainy. The thick strips of cheese were delicious and the crowd of sliced black olives was a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

Me and my friend, on our way to the Tibetan colony, taking a shortcut. The path was blissful and enchanting, however when a stray dog decided to follow us, pretty closely, taking turns to sniff our hands, both of us got pretty wary.

The Tibetan prayer flags that brighten the landscape.

Tibetan writings/prayers chiselled into stones, painted and embellished. They adorned a peepal tree set in the heart of the entrance of the monastery.

A facade of the monastery. The bright colours stood out amidst the grey sky and looked every bit as enchanting as Shangri La would have.
 It is a pity I could not take my camera on this trip. The pictures have been taken from my phone, a humble one. Nothing fancy and hi-tech. So if the pictures seem a little blurred and pixelated, forgive me.

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