Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kala Ghoda, finally

Art installations decked the streets of Rampart Row as it metamorphasised into a piece of art itself. The area was abuzz with energy and excitement, as people moved through and fro from one stall to the other. Kala Ghoda, Mumbai's celebrated art fest is a sure crowd-puller and this is the second year I visited the fest.

Last year, with a bunch of 6 other friends, the trip was filled with ooh's and aah's. However,this year, my friend and I hopped onto a state- run bus to the city.

This year, some of the stalls were the same, but most of them were pretty much out of my budget. Indian pop art has caught on like crazy and Chumbak even had an entire stall dedicated to their pieces of art. The installations by far, were more thought-provoking this time. Especially, the one where a few bins were put together and a board read: Drop your doubts. It says a lot. The potter remained in his usual corner of the road, attracting kids and adults alike.

One stall that really caught my eye and left an indelible impression was one where old glass bottles were turned to clocks, light holders and even ash trays. The crowd at this stall made it near impossible for me to even reach the counter. Well, nice work guys!

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