Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dying Hope

To the heavens above
And Hell below;

And Man stuck between them.
Like a fish out of the water,
Flapping its gills,
Actions that are all in vain.

Death comes slow,
Strikes with a blow,
Crushes your hope
With one stroke.

Life ceases;
Conscience ends,
One drifts away.....
In the depths of the ocean.

Where no waves reach you,
Nor no rays touch you,
Death engulfs you,
Darkness leads you;
And Hell opens its doors for you.

Yes one loses hope,
Not everyone is the Pope.
Life often makes you walk,
On the tight rope.

Like pirates, brandishing their swords
Pointed their blades;
As your barefeet touch,
That dreadsome gangplank.

When strength isn't enough,
Courage is broken down;
You give way.....

Life seems worthless,
All support is pointless;
And you give way.....

A falling doll,
Through the deepest canyons,
Whisking past -
The adventurous goats.

Hair flying up,
Arms flailing by
And you see your,
Hardened volcanic end close by.

You let out a silent scream,
Bones duplicate into manifold;
You shut your eyes.
Gasping for breath,
Through the punctured lungs,
Blood rushes through;
Gurgles at your mouth.

And Hell opens its doors for you.

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