Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Crush

The heart aches awfully
To have someone nearby
Sense the stillness in time
Or to stare at him sly

What is it to feel?
Your crush so close to you
Or to have to suffer
The pounding that turns you blue

Out of the corner of your eye
You see the smile that dazzles
Emotions choking you through
Your brain thoroughly rattles

He passes by you
You stop impulsively
Staring long and hard at his back
He turns around hesitatingly

Sparks crackle through the air
Your eyes meet then and there
Confusion runs amok
Oh boy, does he even care?

Life seems funny right now
Playing hide and seek
Love turns your world upside down
Disturbance in you it reeks

How much you love this
Knowing and not knowing
What your crush feels, though
Love within you growing.

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